New Projects!

2008-08-05 02:20:24 by Benspyda

My latest Project is Greyhound Racer DX, the third installment in the Greyhound Racer series.

The Next LethalRpg game is at the moment called LethalRpgEmpires but will not see the light of day for a long time.

I may also be making a new Good Docta toon and a new toon series as well if I get the time.

**Edit** A new Good Docta is very unlikely and Greyhound Racer DX has been put on hold.

New Projects!


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2008-08-12 07:44:43

Yo man, I played your game LRU 3: darkness reborn and I love it. I'll check out your other games (including greyhound racer) when I'm finished with 'Lethal mode' and I'll add you to my favorite artists!


2008-08-19 08:21:38

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