New Site!!!

2008-11-13 20:17:16 by Benspyda

Benspyda 3.0 is now live.

I have remade my website allowing easier access to news and features of my upcoming games. For more information head over to

A couple demo's for my latest Lethal games are planned for release in a few weeks time. I'll make a new post when I have more details.

New Site!!!


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2008-11-14 04:28:42

That`s prety awsome news)))) My congrats))) Hope to see soon LRU 4)))

(Updated ) Benspyda responds:

Soon is wishful thinking but I'll be working hard on it over the next few months.


2008-11-14 09:20:28

Great site mate, i was wondering if you made it in Dreamweaver? and if so, do you know why my website keeps changing in proportions when i look at it on a diffrent computer?

it's all messed up on a diffrent computer, doesnt make sense lol. Is there anyway to avoid this?

Once again keep up the website xD

Benspyda responds:

If you are using Dreamweaver without any knowledge of html it can be a real issue. If you know html check to see what text size you are using. (Such as trying to use like 0.9 em for the font size. It should display the similarly on every computer)


2008-11-14 16:22:53

You shouldnt use Times New Roman or that kinda fonts. :)

Benspyda responds:

Any recommendations on a better font? Thats one of the things that is very hard to decide on.


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