The Lost and Damned!!

2008-12-07 23:14:40 by Benspyda

The Lost and Damned maybe a new expansion for GTAIV but it is also a new section of my site!!

I've added a new section in my archive at that contains some of my works that never were released on newgrounds, as you will probably find out, some for a good reason. There are also some of my early works which are still quite enjoyable now.

The bigger news is that I have also released the Demo of LRU: Empires!

(PS and its also my birthday, hurray lol)

The Lost and Damned
LRU: Empires Demo

The Lost and Damned!!


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2008-12-08 02:05:02

big fan of your work but the only thing I wish that was in your games was change the items system, the system makes me feel like there is barely any costomization (sorry for spelling it wrong) as in you know what all the items so you just get the next level item then you don't have to get anything else, as in the fact that it tells you the items.

Benspyda responds:

There will be alot more less distinguishable items on release. I just only showed a demonstration of the items you could get. Different armors will have different stat boosts that allow for further customization, plus only the generic items will be purchasable. You'll have to hunt for the special armors by doing quests and exploring.

Thanks for your comment


2008-12-08 12:55:45

Congrats dude! I like your work BTW.


2008-12-08 14:31:02

think you for that and happy birthday to u


2009-02-20 23:07:12

happy birthday and can utell me why i cant start the LRU:Empires demo or any of the other games on youre site hope ur birthday is fun


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