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LRU: Empires is out!! Lethal Rpg is back

Posted by Benspyda - March 1st, 2009

The next lethal rpg is out and unfortunately in went under the radar a bit since I posted it at a bad hour.

Nether the less anyone who has enjoyed my previous games should check it out:


Hope everyone enjoys it and I will be adding more quests and stuff to it at a later date.

LRU: Empires is out!! Lethal Rpg is back

Comments (9)

looks like you've been practicing shading, :Dhopefully you practiced animation.

I'm going to play it, if it's good ill five it and tell u my review

cant you make normal battle system like in older days new one suck

You can turn off the button presses in options. Then its pretty much the same as the old ones.

come the fuck on, yo shits so repetive, make something new

My only issue was that the secondary charachters were completely useless. I could play the entire game with them still at level 4 if they were lucky.

i like the demo 4 rebirth

i played every single lethal and lru and lrd games there are i mastered all them in a day when i tryed i know all the codes to all them only one lethal game iddin't beat cause it sucks is lethalrpgbattle.man i whoud love it if this was online cause then i choud show you all the power of my guy on lethal: rebirth! he's a hugh lvl with hugh defence and power! o yeah uh benspyda make lethal: rebirth online please so people can show how strong there guy is ok? that whoud make me rate your game dayly 5 each lethal game you have and review it and give you 10 stars.

This isnt about lru empires, but benspyda, i sent you a private message and id like it if you would reply. thanks, bye.

@flash Grow up Child.

Hey Benspyda I got a quick suggestion(Please read this):

Maybe for all of your LRU games maybe make a Online PVP matches there you can do like set up certain qualifications to fight others like players can set within a certain level or PVP ranking etc. Any level would be allowed to play in it and any class too! That'd really be super EPIC! Also add a Player ID put in for the screen to fight specific people or username one.