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My Current Projects [lethal RPG etc.]

2007-11-09 17:25:23 by Benspyda

Hey everyone!

Just posting to let everyone know about what games I am making and what I have released for NG.

First off a few weeks ago I submitted LethalRpgUniverse(LRU):LS and I am currently working on a sequel called LRU: Domination where you can follow a main story quest, do side missions and dominate an entire world if you so desire. It will include the entire world from the previous game plus a completely new one. Any fan of the Lethal Rpg series should look out for it. Release date: Pending

I have just released Greyhound Racer Rampage the sequel to a game I submitted earlier in the year. There are a few horse racing sims out there but not that many dog racing sims so I decided to make one.

I am also working on a side project called Malevolence Mansion 2 but unlike the first, it will be a third person shooter and puzzle game.

Over and Out

My Current Projects [lethal RPG etc.]


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2007-12-08 17:47:29

Is the character on the picture a supporting character or a playable one?

(Updated ) Benspyda responds:

An NPC (and possibly a boss fight). You can choose how your char looks as they are fully customizable.


2007-12-29 12:18:47

When do u think urgonna be done lethal rpg 2 domination?

Benspyda responds:

Can't be sure, maybe in a month or two.


2009-02-27 08:38:04

OMG oii ben i am 1 orb off where you know the one you said that was in that muddy place in the mountains where is it dude i need better directions to it its the last one i need haha