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The Universe is urs for the taking once again!!!

Posted by Benspyda - February 9th, 2008


I'm just keeping you update on whats happening with my game releases.

I released LRU 2: Domination and it recieved a daily 5th award. I have also released an alternate version LRU 2: Resurrection. Both have different game modes but follow the same main story. Check them out

I have also completed 'Zombie Spinball' and it is up and running now, check it out. It's sort of a test your reflex pinball game where you kill Zombies.

The image below is of the character look for LRU 2: Resurrection. Its still the old style but slightly improved.

The Universe is urs for the taking once again!!!

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You might want to spend some more time drawing the characters in that game. Invest in a Tablet possibly? because that's the only problem I see with it. The characters just... look too symmetrical, faces look anime (not a good thing) and the weapons look drummy too, look at the sword! it's so plain and simple. Sorry bud but I can't stand stuff like that and most will agree.

Read response for 'zrb'.

As an addendum to my review, I've been playing longer into the game, specifically (a) on the space ship and (b) hunting lethal orbs. I've been playing this game almost without interuption for the past 8 hours or so, and I'm at level 25, but I still don't stand a snowballs chance in hell against Dark Abyss or Hades Guardian in the tournament. I have a level 10 lightsaber and all the magic, but I just get easily swatted aside by those guys. Is it just the simple matter of leveling up until I'm strong enough? Also, I'm 2 orbs short, and I've scoured every square inch of the game. Are they in that closed highway after you beat Giant Flame?
Btw I don't agree with the others about the animation, its not perfect but I think its pretty good for flash.

Here is the locations for the orbs:

1. The Forgotten Forest/ top left corner of first area
2. Desert/ bottom left hand corner
3. The mountain path/ Keep following the path to your top left until you reach a muddy area which branches to a small isolated area
4. The mountain path/ top right from first screen to reach the river and across the birdge
5. Oblivion castle/ At the end of the maze
6. The Mountain Path/ Follow it to the very end
7. Cantos drop/ follow a bridge to the right a few screens up
8 Purgatorio City/ 3rd area left corner
9. Divine wood/ left area from start, bottom left corner
10. Ancient Bandit Refuge/ To the right of where all the guards are standing

Hope that helps dude.


im lazy wit typin

There are some spots in Domination where the item tubes are already open even though I've never been there. I think these had some lethal orbs in them so now I can't get him.

Thanks for telling me, I'm pretty sure I fixed that issue now.

i cant belleve i am posting here at an old entry oh well all your graphics are perfect to me

how do u open the container in the divine woods and how do u open the dungeon in the shoreline on beatrice

I killed Dark abbys having 8 lethal orbbs,level 26 and level 10 axe.dark abbys gives 2000 hunter points for killing him.I killed him in LRU 2 Ressurection but that orb in the isolated arena on mountain path.On mountain path are 1 area with a 1 entrance but this is empty!! no contaiers.

While i fighted dark abbys hits dealed him for nearly 400 damage and over i haved if i mind ok 155 mana and the ok 50 defense and i killed him having 30 hp on the end of the fight 30 hp on 2000 hp and i used spell what healing 50% of my health over 10 times.

a one question i have level 26 where i can fast exping????

mistake i killed dark abbys on level 24 instead 26.And edit is not avaible.Edit last my comments

i already beat this