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Posted by Benspyda - March 14th, 2015


Lethal RPG: War Begins is out now on Newgrounds. The game includes over 3 hours of content and 4 playable characters. The game is based on the original LethalRpgWar series I released a long time ago. Check it out now!


Lethal RPG: War Begins: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654714

Posted by Benspyda - March 1st, 2009

The next lethal rpg is out and unfortunately in went under the radar a bit since I posted it at a bad hour.

Nether the less anyone who has enjoyed my previous games should check it out:


Hope everyone enjoys it and I will be adding more quests and stuff to it at a later date.

LRU: Empires is out!! Lethal Rpg is back

Posted by Benspyda - December 7th, 2008

The Lost and Damned maybe a new expansion for GTAIV but it is also a new section of my site!!

I've added a new section in my archive at benspyda.com that contains some of my works that never were released on newgrounds, as you will probably find out, some for a good reason. There are also some of my early works which are still quite enjoyable now.

The bigger news is that I have also released the Demo of LRU: Empires!

(PS and its also my birthday, hurray lol)

The Lost and Damned
LRU: Empires Demo

The Lost and Damned!!

Posted by Benspyda - December 7th, 2008

I have released the Demo of LRU: Empires!

LRU: Empires Demo


Posted by Benspyda - November 13th, 2008

Benspyda 3.0 is now live.

I have remade my website allowing easier access to news and features of my upcoming games. For more information head over to www.benspyda.com.

A couple demo's for my latest Lethal games are planned for release in a few weeks time. I'll make a new post when I have more details.

New Site!!!

Posted by Benspyda - August 5th, 2008

My latest Project is Greyhound Racer DX, the third installment in the Greyhound Racer series.

The Next LethalRpg game is at the moment called LethalRpgEmpires but will not see the light of day for a long time.

I may also be making a new Good Docta toon and a new toon series as well if I get the time.

**Edit** A new Good Docta is very unlikely and Greyhound Racer DX has been put on hold.

New Projects!

Posted by Benspyda - June 19th, 2008

'LethalRpgUniverse 3: Darkness Reborn' is my latest project and it has been a while since I have posted anything about it.

I have released an updated website that functions a bit better than my last one. I have also added the second demo of LRU 3 to the site.

The demo has a number of additions including: all the classes, the first mission, armor shop, pets and Dantes is now dominatable.

If you enjoyed the last game or like RPG's in general, check it out.

**Edit** This demo is no longer available but as the project is complete check out the completed LRU 3 now!

New Site! New Demo!

Posted by Benspyda - February 18th, 2008

Here is a screen of my custom character screen I am working on. Keep in mind it may be different on release. Just a first look at what you maybe in store for in a couple months.

First LRU 3 screens

Posted by Benspyda - February 9th, 2008


I'm just keeping you update on whats happening with my game releases.

I released LRU 2: Domination and it recieved a daily 5th award. I have also released an alternate version LRU 2: Resurrection. Both have different game modes but follow the same main story. Check them out

I have also completed 'Zombie Spinball' and it is up and running now, check it out. It's sort of a test your reflex pinball game where you kill Zombies.

The image below is of the character look for LRU 2: Resurrection. Its still the old style but slightly improved.

The Universe is urs for the taking once again!!!

Posted by Benspyda - November 9th, 2007

Hey everyone!

Just posting to let everyone know about what games I am making and what I have released for NG.

First off a few weeks ago I submitted LethalRpgUniverse(LRU):LS and I am currently working on a sequel called LRU: Domination where you can follow a main story quest, do side missions and dominate an entire world if you so desire. It will include the entire world from the previous game plus a completely new one. Any fan of the Lethal Rpg series should look out for it. Release date: Pending

I have just released Greyhound Racer Rampage the sequel to a game I submitted earlier in the year. There are a few horse racing sims out there but not that many dog racing sims so I decided to make one.

I am also working on a side project called Malevolence Mansion 2 but unlike the first, it will be a third person shooter and puzzle game.

Over and Out

My Current Projects [lethal RPG etc.]